Blazing New Trails with Help from a Trusted Partner

Posted September 26, 2018


David Antoline has spent his entire life on the family farm in Dillonvale, Ohio. It’s a place he loves and cherishes. One of his favorite things about the farm is that it’s perfect for raising and riding horses—something he enjoys doing with his wife, Tina.

“We spend a lot of time grooming and training our horses and we’ve got a great spot here to do it,” David said. “My favorite thing is getting up in the morning, and coming down to the barn, saddling up my horse, and going for a ride.”

Their time spent on horseback is something the Antolines have shared together for years, since David taught Tina to ride.

“It’s nice to get away from the hustle-bustle of life, the phones, and just go out and enjoy the animals, enjoy each other,” Tina said. “It’s time that we can talk, and it’s just something that we really like to do.”

But life wasn’t always as serene and peaceful as those morning horseback rides. After oil and gas were discovered around the farm, David and Tina say the offers to buy their mineral rights came fast and furious—and they weren’t very good offers.

“We’ve had so many people send us information about selling our minerals,” Tina said. “They tormented me to death with bad offer after bad offer. It really made me gun shy.”

It wasn’t until the Antolines came in contact with Gateway that they seriously considered selling their mineral rights for the first time.

“B​randon and the guys at Gateway were honest. They were very professional and never tried any schemes with us. They were just authentic and sincere,” David said. “We only sold part of our minerals, so now we have a partner in Gateway. It feels good to have a partner that’s in the industry.”

By partnering with Gateway, David and Tina now have the chance to spend more time together doing what they love—taking care of their horses.

“When we partnered with Gateway, it gave us the opportunity to do things that we never thought we could,” Tina said. “It got us the freedom to do the things we used to dream about.”

Looking back, the couple is very happy with the deal they made.

“It was a big decision making that deal and I’m glad we made it with Gateway,” David said.

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