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About Gateway

At Gateway, we offer upfront payment for your minerals or royalties—so you can put your cash to work immediately. We are invested in the communities we serve and passionate about helping people live better lives.

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Changed My Life Immensely

Because of what Gateway has done for me, I will now be able to stay in my home and I’ll be able to live a little beyond month-to-month.

Barbara Spencer
belmont county, oh

Gave Me Freedom

The deal I did with Gateway gave me freedom; it gave me the ability to retire young, and for my wife to retire young. It gave us the freedom to do whatever we want to do.

James Wilcox
belmont county, oh

In the Community

Gateway Helps Keep Traditions Alive in Ohio

Gateway Royalty attended the 2016 Belmont County Fair to purchase animals from area 4H participants. Gateway purchased multiple animals from a variety of participants from the surrounding area.