We purchase mineral rights & royalties from landowners in Eastern Ohio.

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Considering selling your minerals or royalties?

While every situation is different, here are common reasons many landowners decide to sell their minerals or royalties…


Get Cash Upfront

Oil & gas development takes time, whether it be the drilling & completing of wells or the infrastructure needed to move the product. Selling all or a portion of your minerals or royalties is an easy way to get a lump sum of money now. You can use that money for any immediate home or personal expenses, or invest it in your future.


Reduce Your Risks

There is no “sure thing” in the oil and gas business. Even when the outlook is good, some wells under perform or may not perform at all. In some cases, development and drilling on your land can take years or companies may ultimately choose not to drill. By selling your minerals or royalties now, you ensure yourself a “sure thing” – no matter what the outcome.


Tax Benefits

Some landowners choose to sell their minerals or royalties for estate planning or tax purposes. They may want to utilize a tax-free exchange of real property via a 1031 like-kind exchange, cash out their mineral interest before selling the property, possibly qualify for long-term capital gains treatment, or simply diversify their assets and investments.

*We encourage all landowners to talk to a certified public accountant for tax advice.

Why choose Gateway Royalty to buy your minerals or royalties?

There are a lot of companies out there that buy minerals and royalties.  You may have received letters from them in the mail.  What makes Gateway Royalty different?  Read on to find out.

Blazing New Trails

“When we partnered with Gateway...

It gave us the opportunity to do things that we never thought we could. It got us the freedom to do the things we used to dream about.”
David and Tina Antoline sold a piece of their mineral royalties so they could buy a horse farm in another state. They like having Gateway as a partner they can call up whenever they have questions about the oil and gas industry.
David & Tina Antoline
Belmont County • Ohio
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Noticed your royalty payments going down?


Keeping Memories Alive

“Because of what Gateway Royalty has done for me...

I will now be able to stay in my home and I’ll be able to live a little beyond month-to-month. I’m able to keep my home and all of my memories.”
Gateway worked with Barbara and her mortgage company to make a deal that let her take control of her finances and keep the home that holds memories of her life and her late husband.
Barbara Spencer
Belmont County • Ohio
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Strengthening Communities

We are not brokers or flippers. We are long-term investors looking to make a lasting impact.  We are active and involved in all the communities we serve.  We want to be a partner and resource for your community – both today and in the future.

Finding Financial Freedom

“The deal I did with Gateway gave me freedom...

The ability to retire young. The ability for my wife to retire young. It gave us the freedom to do whatever we want. It just freed us up completely.“
Selling his mineral interest gave James Wilcox and his family the freedom to spend their days doing more of the things they love. For James, that means jumping on his Harley Davidson and going for long rides through Amish country.
James Wilcox
Belmont County • Ohio
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Providing Financial Security

We believe our work is mutually beneficial. By investing in many landowners, we increase our chances of benefitting when successful wells are drilled. At the same time, our investment provides financial security for families – helping to reduce your risk of a well that doesn’t produce or royalties that don’t live up to expectations.

A New Income Stream

“The idea of a 1031 like-kind exchange was new to me...

Gateway was very helpful in the learning process for both of us so that we ended up with a very good result.”
Rather than continue waiting to see what’s going to happen with drilling and production, Nancy chose to sell a portion of her mineral royalties to Gateway and invested the money she made to create a new income stream.
Nancy Deucker
Harrison County • Ohio
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Creating Opportunities

Most importantly, we hope our investment will provide landowners like you with financial opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise – enabling you to keep the family farm, pay off your debts, start or expand a business, send your kids to college, or just generally improve your quality of life.

How Our Process Works

When you want to explore the possibility of selling your minerals or royalties, we make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. There is no cost to you, and you are under no obligation to sell. All conversations are kept completely confidential.

1 Request
2 Phone Call

We call you in 24 to 48 hours and ask some questions about your property.

3 Evaluation

We analyze the size, shape and location of your land, whether there is an existing lease on your property, the geology, any historic production, nearby pipelines, and other factors.

4 Proposal

We make you an offer in a timely manner.

5 Verification

If you choose to accept our offer, we will send you the appropriate paperwork and verify your title at our expense.

6 Closing

Once all the paperwork is complete, we will pay you immediately.