Harrison County Landowner Diversifies Investments


Nancy Deucker took the asset she had in her mineral interest and sold it to gain greater control over her finances. She invested the proceeds she received from Gateway in the market and diversified her portfolio.

Gateway has been a great partner so far.

I look forward to the future and I would recommend them to anybody.

Nancy Deucker

Harrison County • Ohio

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    The idea of a 1031 exchange was a somewhat new one to me and Gateway was very helpful in the learning process for both of us so that we ended up with a very good result.Nancy Deucker

    Nancy Deucker wears many hats. There’s the gardener, who likes to get her hands dirty growing delicious Purple Viking Potatoes that people line up for when she gives them away. There’s the investor, who started trading stocks after her grandfather gave her two shares in Southern Company for her sixteenth birthday. There’s the entrepreneur, who achieved her childhood goal of becoming a veterinarian, opened up her own practice and stayed in business for 27 years.

    It was during the time spent managing her veterinary practice that Nancy began looking for a stress-relief getaway. That’s when she discovered the property she now owns in Harrison County, Ohio. “Some people find themselves, their inner selves, in a lot of different ways. Mine is getting out in nature, listening to the birds, just being at peace outside,” Nancy said.

    Along with buying the land, Nancy also made sure the assets below the ground were included in the sale. “That was fifteen years ago. At that time, there was not a word being said about oil and gas in Ohio,” Nancy said. “But I made certain, whenever I purchase a property, that I have all the mineral rights.”

    It was a decision that would prove wise. A few years later, Nancy started getting all kinds of letters and phone calls from companies expressing interest in her minerals. “A group of us got together and hired an attorney who developed a lease contract, which was sold to Gulfport. There were enough of us to have a unit,” Nancy said. “But after that no drilling was occurring on our property.”

    Nancy had heard about Gateway Royalty from someone who farms on her property. Nancy decided to see what they had to offer. “After talking with Chris, I decided to sell fifty percent of my royalty interest because then I could diversify my investments,” Nancy said. “One can sit on it and wonder what’s gonna happen when they drill, or one can invest it in other places so that you’re not depending on the oil and gas drilling being successful.”

    One of the options Nancy explored with Gateway was doing a 1031 like-kind exchange. “When Gateway and I started working together, the idea of a 1031 exchange was somewhat new to me. And there are lots of ins and outs with it,” Nancy said. “Gateway was very helpful in becoming knowledgeable and simplifying the whole process for us.”

    For Nancy, it was all about diversifying her investments. “Life is a series of risks. You don’t put all your eggs in one basket because, if you drop the basket, you’re out of luck. So I like to diversify,” Nancy said. “I’ve had those funds invested and it’s been a nice, steady income stream for me.”

    The reliable income Nancy now gets as a result of the money she received from Gateway Royalty contrasts with the unpredictable nature of gas and oil royalties. Nancy has experienced firsthand the delays that can be all-too-common with the gas and oil industry. “From the time we signed the original leases until something really started happening, we waited, impatiently, for seven to eight years,” Nancy said. “Although they have drilled now, we don’t know what the production’s going to be and none of us have received any royalty checks.”

    Needless to say, Nancy’s experience working with Gateway Royalty has been a good one. “Gateway’s extremely professional. When they say they will do something, they definitely do it and they do it with alacrity,” Nancy said. “Gateway has been a great partner so far. I look forward to the future and I would recommend them to anybody.”

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    Rather than continue waiting to see what’s going to happen with drilling and production, Nancy chose to sell a portion of her mineral royalties to Gateway and invested the money she made to create a new income stream.

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