Gateway Buys Reserve Champion Lamb at the Belmont County Fair

Posted September 28, 2015

Brianna Leach was pleased when Gateway Royalty purchased her Reserve Champion Market Lamb at the 2015 Belmont County Fair.

But this wasn’t Brianna’s first encounter with the team from Gateway.

Earlier this year, Brianna starred in a TV commercial for Gateway, highlighting Gateway’s years of support for 4-H in Eastern Ohio communities.

“This one was really special because Brianna really put a huge time commitment in to help Gateway with the commercial she put together,” said Royalty Buyer Blaine Grace. “It was pretty special to be able to support her today.”

This was the second year in a row that Gateway purchased one of Brianna’s animals.

“Thank you Gateway Royalty for purchasing my Reserve Champion Market Lamb,” said Brianna. “And for helping me save up for college and reach my goals.”

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