I Received a Letter From Gateway Royalty, Now What?

Posted July 30, 2020

At Gateway Royalty, one of the first ways we reach out to landowners is by sending them a letter. While this may seem old-fashioned to some people, making an introduction in writing to tell you who we are and that we’re interested in talking to you about potentially purchasing your mineral rights or royalties has always felt like the right way of doing business.

We like that you can hold a letter in your hand. It gives landowners something they can reflect on, reread, or hang onto for the future. So even if you’re not interested in taking any action with your minerals right now, you can always file it away in case you change your mind down the road.

Why Did Gateway Royalty Send Me a Letter?

If you received a letter in the mail from Gateway Royalty recently you may be wondering why you received this communication. In fact, that may be the reason you’re reading this post right now. The answer is we sent our letter to you for a reason. Unlike other companies, we don’t just send mail pieces out to everyone.

We typically only send letters to landowners in specific areas (we’re headquartered right here in Eastern Ohio) who we’ve identified based on their position in the Utica shale play or because of the oil and gas activity taking place around them. When you receive a letter from Gateway Royalty, it means we have a serious interest in talking with you about your mineral rights or royalties.

3 Things You Should Do if You Receive a Letter from Gateway Royalty

If you’re one of the landowners who received a letter from Gateway Royalty, what should you do? What steps should you take next? If we were handing the letter to you in person, here are the three things we would suggest:

1. Read the letter

The first thing you should do is sit down and read the letter. We know you might get a lot of mail from businesses on a daily basis that you set aside or throw away without ever reading. But we assure you if it comes from Gateway Royalty, it’s worth taking a look at.

As mentioned above, we don’t send letters to everyone. And a lot of times we’ll include an actual offer in our letters. In some of our letters, we provide a current price we’re willing to pay for oil and gas interests at that time.

It is important to note, because the oil and gas environment changes so frequently, these offers do expire. Usually an offer is good for no more than 4-6 weeks due to the volatility and the unknown factors inherent in the industry.

2. Give us a call

Once you have read your letter and thought about what we have to offer, we recommend you give us a call. You don’t have to make a commitment when you talk to us, but speaking to Todd, Blaine, or Brandon (our royalty buyers) does give you the opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have.

We can go over the offer in your letter (if there was one), talk about development, or address what’s currently happening with oil and gas in your area. You can also ask important questions that you should direct at any mineral or royalty acquisition company, such as: “What kind of experience do you guys have?”, “How many deals have you done?” or “How many of your transactions are done in Ohio?”

We pride ourselves on answering landowner questions in an honest and straightforward manner. Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of landowners (maybe even some of your friends and neighbors), so we’ve heard just about every question at one time or another. And we have deep knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

3. Do some research

After talking with us and hearing what we have to say, we always invite people to do some research of their own on Gateway Royalty. You can visit our website, Google us, ask about us in your community, or find out what kind of transactions we’ve done in your county. We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done and hope landowners will take the time to look us up.

When you do some research what you’ll find is that we’ve been here in Ohio buying mineral rights and royalties since 2012. We have over 1,000 deals between all seven counties that we’ve bought and funded in that time. And we’ve bought an interest under approximately 50,000 acres. We’re well capitalized, and committed to working in this region for the long term.

If you go to Belmont County and search Gateway Royalty, you can pull up every single deed we ever filed in the county. It’s going to be pages and pages long. If you search another company in our business, you might not even find a single deed. When making any sort of deal for your mineral interests, having somebody who brings a wealth of experience working in this region and knows what they’re talking about makes a huge difference.

Explore Your Options & Gain Valuable Knowledge

If you’re an Ohio landowner who received a letter in the mail from Gateway Royalty it’s because we believe we could both benefit from talking with each other and finding out if a deal for your mineral interests makes sense. You can read about some other landowners in your community who decided to sell their mineral rights or royalties and how partnering with Gateway Royalty benefitted them.

Maybe in talking with us and considering your options, you’ll find working with Gateway Royalty could also benefit you; maybe you’ll determine it’s not the best decision or the time isn’t right. Either way, we hope you’ll take the time to explore your options with the help from our team.

Did you receive a letter from Gateway Royalty? Connect with us today to get answers to any questions you might have about your offer or oil and gas development in your area.

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