It’s Decision Time for Your Oil & Gas Royalty

Posted October 6, 2015

Brendan Ferns knows how to make tough decisions. As captain of the St. Clairsville Red Devils football team, he’s a decision-making leader on the field.

“When I see the ball snapped, I make a split second decision and respond,” says Brendan. “No hesitation.”

Brendan’s quick decision-making led to him being named the 2014 Gateway Royalty Defensive Player of the Year.

If you’re a landowner in Eastern Ohio, you might be facing a tough decision, too.

Landowners face a multitude of options to sell their mineral rights or royalties. Declining commodity prices and slowing oil and gas production have made things even more uncertain.

But one option stands out from the rest: Gateway Royalty buys minerals & royalties, so you can make money now and improve your financial stability.

And unlike other companies looking to buy your minerals, we’re based in Eastern Ohio and are invested in helping Ohioans live better lives.

“Selling your oil and gas royalties can be a tough decision,” says Brandon Grace, royalty buyer for Gateway Royalty. “At Gateway, we make your decision to sell painless.”

A tough decision, but the choice is clear. Check out our new TV spot featuring Brendan’s story.

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