Ohio Oil and Gas History

Posted April 17, 2014

Ohio Oil and gas mineral acquisition companies, like Gateway Royalty, present a unique opportunity to landowners interested in selling Ohio oil and gas royalties and cashing in on the Utica Shale boom. But the history of Ohio oil and gas may surprise some, as it all started with rock layers that are hundreds of millions of years old.

Dating back to the earliest commercial Ohio oil and gas well in Washington County in 1860, Ohio oil and gas has left a long-standing mark in the nation’s oil and gas history. According to a Zane State article, nearly 300,000 Ohio oil and gas wells have been discovered and drilled in 76 out of Ohio’s 88 counties, with Eastern Ohio enjoying most of the action.

Since the beginning of its intricate formation, Ohio oil and gas has proven to be active for more than 200 years—and the activity just keeps growing. In fact, a 2013 Ohio Oil and Gas Law Review foresees expanding drilling operations and a significant midstream infrastructure growth.

Ongoing developments of oil and gas opportunities are happening right here in our community, and Ohio oil and gas opportunities for landowners are here to stay. Interested in learning more about Ohio oil and gas royalties? Contact Gateway Royalty today.

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