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Posted August 30, 2020

At Gateway Royalty, we like to share stories of the landowners we partner with everyday. Why? We do this for a couple reasons.

First, the people we work with have really interesting stories to tell. Throughout the process of purchasing mineral rights and royalties, we build close relationships with our landowners. Because we’re headquartered here locally, we meet with people in-person. We learn about their lives and the things that they care about. We take the time to get to know the people behind every deal we make.

Second, we want to show the different circumstances in which landowners choose to sell their mineral rights or royalties. Everyone has a different reason for selling—whether it’s for retirement, to put their kids through college, as part of an investment strategy, to help their small business, for estate planning, to be more liquid right now when cash is so important, the list goes on and on.

We know from experience that hearing these stories helps other landowners realize ways they can benefit from their mineral interest—which is an asset people sometimes forget about when planning for the future or working to overcome a financial hurdle.

Four Ohio Landowners Who Sold Their Mineral Interests to Achieve Different Goals

Here are some landowners who chose to sell all or a portion of their mineral rights or royalties to Gateway Royalty, and why they ultimately made that decision:

Nancy Deucker
We were impressed with Nancy from the moment we met her. She had her own veterinary practice that she had operated for some time. You could tell she had a sharp economic mind and understanding of her assets. She sold at the right time for her needs and used the profits she made for a 1031 like-kind exchange.

From an investment standpoint, it made sense for her to take the asset she had in her mineral interest and sell it to gain greater control over her finances. She put it in the markets and diversified her portfolio quite a bit. From what Nancy tells us, her deal with Gateway worked out pretty well for her.

Barbara Spencer
Barbara was a really sweet lady. Her husband had passed away and she ran into some financial problems. Because of her age and situation, she didn’t want to do the month-to-month royalty checks—which is like a dividend payment every month. She preferred to have a lump sum of cash so she could be in control and pay off what she needed to pay off.

Barbara also needed help paying off her house, and we were able to help her do that through the proceeds from the sale. We really enjoyed working with her and helping her get everything settled. She felt selling her minerals was the best choice for what she needed, and we were happy to see her get back on the right track.

James Wilcox
James didn’t live at the property where he had a mineral interest, but it had been in his family for years. He had been getting offers for quite some time and didn’t think he wanted to sell. But, like a lot of landowners, James just got tired of waiting. He had signed a lease a while back and hadn’t received any royalties.

James retired at a younger age after working as a police officer for 25 years and he just wanted to have that financial freedom. So he and his wife—who we enjoyed spending time with on their property—decided it was the right time to cash out so they could use the money to enjoy life a little more.

The Antolines
David and Tina Antoline didn’t sell all of their mineral interests to us, just a portion. Their big reason for selling was not because they wanted a big payment, but because they were buying another property in a different state. They wanted to use the money from the sale to help facilitate that transaction.

A big part of the reason they chose to do the deal with us at Gateway Royalty is so they could have a resource and partner in the industry. Because they still own part of their interest, they still have skin in the game. If they have a question about an operator or royalty checks, they call us up. We have a great relationship with the Antolines and we talk regularly.

Choose the Right Partner to Get the Most from Your Mineral Interest

As you can see from these landowner stories, people sell their mineral interests for a variety of different reasons. When they do, they want a partner who understands their needs and will work with them to help them achieve their goals. At Gateway Royalty, with every deal we make, we aim to be that partner.

Are you an Ohio landowner interested in learning more about selling your mineral rights or royalties? Talk to the experts at Gateway Royalty today. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your situation and answer any questions you might have.

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